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Halina Brooke
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Legislative Update:

So, when I last wrote, there was a disaster of a bill, SB 1482. It was a train wreck that would have essentially kneecapped the mental health professions from preventing the appalling practices known as “conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy” which peddle snake oil to families, youth and some adults. They claim that they can change people’s sexual orientation and gender identity, and they make these claims on the foundation of bogus “science” debunked and discredited by a laundry list of professional associations who actually know what they’re talking about. These “therapies” rip families apart, ruin lives, and…

Cactus Arizona
Cactus Arizona

Update: we spoke and the bill was killed in committee. You can watch the committee proceeding here. They didn’t let all of us speak but enough of what we discussed seemed to get through. Yay! Thankfully, there will be a chance to draft something with language that doesn’t open the door to disaster. Maybe this is a chance to build bridges and help the legislature learn more about our professions and therapy through friendly, collaborative dialogue!

SB 1482 of the Arizona Legislature is incredibly dangerous. It’s a power grab initiated by the Legislative Branch toward the Executive Branch, which…

Author’s Note: When I saw this question posted elsewhere on the web, I felt like it was important to pipe up and offer a non-shaming, non-judgmental perspective. So many things that come up in therapy end up being seen through the lens of concern and pathology instead of curiosity and engagement. It doesn’t have to be that way. Anyway, I wanted to repost it here because it seemed to resonate and it might be helpful to others in this space.

Free use. Credit to Tim Mossholder on Upsplash.

After being on both the therapist side and client side (as all responsible therapists and therapy students should be, in…

The Complexities of Jewish Identity, Voice, Allyship and a Seat at the Table

Author’s Note: I initially posted this on Facebook after Charlottesville and, though there have been many, many antisemitic attacks since then in our society, and Jews are still the biggest target of religion-based hate crime per capita in the US (per the FBI), I’ve decided to leave the original text without adding the more recent events. At the time, even though we were as centrally targeted as POC and Immigrants (and some people are all three!) in the demonstrations, we were left out of much of the…

Halina Brooke

Therapist. Explorer. Anthro Nerd. Meaning-Maker. PhD student in Counselor Education & Supervision. &

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